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"When the Light of Knowledge shines through all the gates of this body, then it should be known that Sattva is dominant"


The Bhagavad Gita, 14:11


Our mission is to serve our clients on their path towards peace.  We believe that a breath-focused yoga practice can guide everyone towards peace.


We are grateful to all our teachers for guiding us on the path of Yoga.  We hope to stay true to the path that our teachers have shown us. We are also grateful to all of the practitioners at our studio from whom we learn daily.


In Sanskrit, the ancient language of Yoga, "Sattva" has multiple meanings, some of them being essence, purity, luminosity, and equanimity.


Yoga is a state where all movement of thought is suspended. It is manifested through one-pointed focus. In this state, one is able to experience clarity and peace.

About Sattva Yoga Center

Sattva has been serving our community in Dearborn, Michigan since January 2007. The central focus of our classes is the breath. Our aim is to facilitate a healthy body and a supple mind.

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